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LinkWell Nodes Documentation

LinkWell Nodes is a U.S.-based Web3 infrastructure company specializing in Chainlink oracle services and secure blockchain node deployments. We provide APIs for writing any real-world data to your blockchain smart contract.

LinkWell Nodes - U.S.-based Chainlink oracle

Our on-demand data feeds allow you to write custom data reliably from anywhere on the internet to your blockchain smart contracts. View pricing info, code examples, and more:

Development and Support Services

For assistance writing your smart contract, or advice regarding the architecture of your Web3 application, we've got you covered:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Browse answers to common questions we've seen throughout our experience supporting Chainlink's official Discord server:


Check out our blog, where where we cover topics ranging from Chainlink service offerings to designing, monitoring, and maintaining your own Chainlink node infrastructure!

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