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Chainlink Data Feeds

Write real-world data to your blockchain smart contract from any API on the internet using our highly-redundant Chainlink oracle infrastructure.

Custom Chainlink data feeds by LinkWell Nodes

View our data feeds:

Using our data feeds, you can retrieve:

  • Data from anywhere on the internet (prices, RWAs, sports bets, weather, etc.)
  • Random numbers (uint256, uint256[], int256, and int256[] object types)
  • Off-chain computation (please fill out our request survey)

Looking for a custom price feed?

We can update any of your contract's data at a set frequency, and/or deviation-based trigger condition. Fill out our request survey to get this set up - we'll typically deliver your new feed to you in 24 hours or less!

Enterprise-grade oracle infrastructure

All of our Chainlink oracles are backed by a redundant, SOC 2-compliant infrastructure, which is distributed across multiple physically-distinct datacenters. Simply trigger your smart contract's request() function, and our oracle infrastructure will ensure that your data is delivered safely, securely, and on-time.

Read more about our data feeds guarantees in our Service-Level Agreement (SLA).


We offer free smart contract development services for our mainnet customers. If interested, please reach out to us via our request form, or book a meeting with us to get started.

Learn more

To learn more about how Chainlink's direct request model works, visit our Direct Request Guide.

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