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Oracle Request Examples

Chainlink's Any API functionality (powered by their basic request model - previously known as their direct request model) is a versatile feature that allows smart contracts to request data from off-chain sources. At LinkWell Nodes, we strive to make it as easy as possible for Web3 and dApp developers to leverage and utilize Chainlink to make such requests.

The below examples will walk you through the process of using our Chainlink oracles to request data from various example API providers.


Don't see your API listed below?

Our oracles can still support your request. Refer to our data feed documentation for instructions on how to send your request to any API, or fill out our request survey to receive a free custom smart contract that works for your use case!

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View our examples:

Coin price data examples

Write live coin prices from internet-based crypto price aggregators to your blockchain smart contract:

IPFS data examples

Send/receive data to and from the Interplanetary File System using your smart contract application:

Sports data examples

Retrieve live sports updates, scores, and betting odds for your decentralized sports betting application:

Stock price data examples

Download price updates for traditional stock market instruments, enabling tokenized financial assets within the DeFi ecosystem:

Weather data examples

Write temperature, forecast, and other weather data to your smart contract, enabling a variety of Web3 use cases (ie, DeFi insurance protocols):

Learn more

To learn more about how Chainlink's direct request model works, visit the Direct Request (Any API) Guide in our knowledgebase.


Having technical difficulties with your request? Check our Chainlink Direct Requests FAQ.

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  • Join our Discord server for the fastest assistance with your request. We are happy to support custom data requests!
  • Check out our User FAQ for common questions asked by our customers.